Interior Painting

Visionary Interior Painters

Applying a fresh coat of paint can transform the interior of any home or workplace into something wonderful that revitalizes the space. Choosing the right interior painting company for this is extremely important for a job done correctly. Soho Painters can help you make your vision into a reality.

Whether it’s for residential or commercial purposes – our team follows a strict procedure that guarantees a perfectly executed project every single time. We deliver high-quality interior work in the projected time frame and budget. You’ll be confident that you’ve chosen the right team when you see the professionalism reflected inside of your home or office.

Knowledgeable Preparation Services

Our interior painters in NYC assess the environment of the project before starting any work. We pride ourselves in clear communication so that you know exactly what preparations need to be completed prior to starting the paint job. We’ll let you know if any wall hangings, window treatments,furniture and appliances need to be moved before we get started. Don’t worry – we’ll help you with the heavy lifting if necessary.

Fresh and Clean

Soho Painters ensures that your home remains fresh and clean throughout the entire process. When we get to work we make sure to cover all your furniture with drop clothes, tarps, and painter’s tape to ensure that all your belngings are protected and the only thing that gets paint on it are the walls, ceilings, or trim.

We make sure that the drywall is fixed prior to appying any interior paint. All dents, nail holes, nail pops, and other drywall blemishes are patched and sanded smooth before applying the paint. Don’t worry – we got it covered (pun intended).

After all the necessary preparation procedures are complete we begin painting around your windows, doors, and ceiling. At the end of our project our painters make sure to leave your area as clean as we found it. We would never want our customers to clean up a mess.

Top Interior Painting Company in NYC

Soho Painters makes a commitment to our customers to make the painting experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible. We want you to sit back and relax while we transform the vision for your home into a reality. 

Need Help picking the perfect color?

Soho Painters consults our customers on the best color choices for each room based on functionality and design. Whether you need bright colors for your office that invoke focus or warmer colors for your bedroom that make you want to relax – we can help!