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Professional Commercial Painters in New York

The appearance of your business and office is the first impression for potential customers – ensure that you’re making the best impression possible with a professional painting company.

The look of the interior and exterior of your headquarters or location of business can determine your overall presence in the marketplace. Would you want to work with or work for a company that has worn down ceilings and walls while the exterior paint looks like it will disappear with a strong gust of wind? NO!

Now imagine a modern, sophisticated looking building with company branded walls that impresses everyone who walks through your doors, which would you prefer? The appearance of your building is an extension of your business.

Our painters work weekend and evening shifts to fit your schedule with a wide range of high height equipment gets your job done. We have multiple and current safety certifications including Fall Protection and Aerial Lift Operation and full workers compensation.

If you’re looking to revitalize or rebrand your business or office appearance, Soho Painters can get the job done professionally. We have the best contractors and equipment to get the job done efficiently so that you can get back to work.

Exterior Services

When your customers are walking up to your building they are formulating an opinion on your business already. A professional and clean facade will attract customers and make them want to come in to find out more about your business. We know how important this element and how often it is overlooked. Our process of preparation, application, cleanliness, and safety will give your business an edge over the others who don’t understand the importance of a clean exterior appearance.

Interior Services

When your clients open the door and walk in to see your clean and welcoming interior, they’ll be impressed by the level of thought that you’ve given to the space. Whether you run a spa that needs warm colors to make customers feel relaxed or have an office that needs to invoke productivity – we can guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the final product.

Fresh Drywall

Newly installed drywall is porous and soaks up significant amounts of paint that is applied which results in an uneven spread of color and sheen. This is why our professionally trained staff properly seals the drywall with industry leading primers to guarantee a smooth finish of top-coated paint. Complete your new interior build by working with a professional team.


The interior and exterior paint in restaurants can quickly be ruined due to the amount of activity that happens on a daily basis. The worn paint takes away from the attentive service and great food which would otherwise be superb. The restaurant needs to be welcoming and a place where customers feel comfortable to enjoy their delicious meals. Make sure your restaurants’ high standards of food reflect on your walls and ceilings whether it be the dining rooms, restrooms, front entrance, or open kitchens. 

Like most hospitality facilities, the interior and exterior in active restaurants can take a beating. Accumulated blemishes detract from the decor and compromise the food and attentive service. Your restaurant is an extension of your patrons’ kitchen, a place to enjoy and be most comfortable. Make sure your high standards include the paint on the walls in dining rooms, restrooms, or front entrance; any place your customer can see is a point on which you will be judged.


We work with hotels to minimize the interruptions to operations and the comfort of the guests. We can schedule projects for periods where occupancy is low and even use low odor paints if that is a requirement. Being the temporary accomodation for a guest, a hotel’s interior paint is extremely important for a premium guest experience.

Retail Shops

The interior of a store should be a showroom for the products. The function of a clean and sophisticated interior is to highlight the products in a way that the customer will be attracted to them. The retail environment can also reflect the brand and message of the company as well. We help retail stores paint their purpose after hours so your customers are not distracted from your products during normal working hours. Work with a professional commercial painting company today.

Complete Commercial Services

We offer a variety of services for commercial applications! Ask us about our pressure washing, sheet-rock and plaster repair, wall covering installation/removal, wallpaper application, epoxy floor coatings, concrete coating, dry erase painting, and chalkboard painting services!